Archive Page: The Voices Project has ended. This page is being retained as a historical record of the research conducted by this project. It is no longer being updated since 2014.
Voices for Innovation

Voices for Innovation

The VOICES project


VOICES (Views, Opinions and Ideas of Citizens in Europe on Science) is a groundbreaking consultation, using the opinions of 1000 people from across 27 EU countries to shape the future of European research.

Why According to the principles of Responsible Research and Innovation, European research must do more to adapt to the needs of citizens.
How To this end, VOICES devised a specialised yet flexible methodology, using 100 three-hour focus groups in order to engage citizens and gather their opinions and ideas about research and innovation in 2013. The consultations were run by science centres and museums, as the natural interface between science and society, and coordinated by Ecsite, the European Network of Science Centres and Museums.

EU research: making your VOICES heard

"Urban waste as a resource" was the chosen topic for VOICES. The result is 27 EU country reports and an overall EU report detailing 1000 citizens' hopes, fears, concerns and ideas on the theme of urban waste. These analyses confirmed a number of the EUís current research priorities, but also proposed a range of new ways to adjust and strengthen the European research agenda.

The VOICES reports were therefore used to draw up a number of research calls for the EUís Horizon 2020 funding programme. But the project outcomes and the VOICES consultation methodology can be applied much more widely, to bring the voices of citizens and stakeholders into research.